Precision Training Centre is located in Leesville, Jindabyne. Looking out over the snowy mountains, it’s the best place to watch the sunrise and start you day. As a CrossFit affiliated gym, Precision has multiple weekday sessions, suitable for all levels, starting out or seasoned pros. 

The wide range of classes available include, strength and conditioning, muay thai, boxing, fight fitness and kick boxing. You’ll always have a pro nearby to assist you and help you perfect your form. The coaches at Precision are dedicated, friendly and personable locals that are always up for a chat. 

One on ones are available, or join in on one of the awesome classes, morning or night. Doesn’t matter if you’re a local yourself, or just visiting or the winter, there’s always room at Precision. 


"I've been training at Precision Training Centre for two years. When I started I had no idea what I was doing, I was overweight and unhappy and couldn't do basic things around the property. I organised some one on ones with Dan and I have never looked back. The CrossFit classes were more than just fitness, they were fun and it kick started a big change for me personally. I feel energetic and fit and I can't thank Dan and the other coaches enough for always encouraging me."


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