At Precision Training Centre you'll always have a pro nearby to assist you and help you perfect your form. Our coaches are dedicated and experienced Jindabyne locals who each have a passion for fitness and helping people achieve their goals.

  • Jindabyne Crossfit Coach outside of Precision Training Centre

    Dan Hutley

    The founder of Precison Training Centre and Olympic weightlifting champion. Dan is an endless pit of knowledge when it comes to health and fitness and is extremely passionate about helping others get into it. Whether it's Crossfit, boxing, weight lifting or muay thai, Dan is pretty much an expert in it all.

  • Jindabyne Crossfit and Boxing Coach outside of precision training centre

    Julie Barr

    Julz is diligent in all she does and it shows in her boxing having a deep knowledge of the fundamentals. Julz is an active fighter and participant in local sparring days and a vital team member in keeping  the Precision boxing scene legit.

  • Jindabyne Crossfit Coach outside of Precision Training Centre

    Brendan Hodder

    Brendan has played sports and trained since being a teenager. With a decade of CrossFit experience he brings to Precision a wealth of coaching knowledge to pass on. He still throws down in masters competitions regularly and consistently finding his way to the podium.

  • Jindabyne Crossfit Coach outside of Precision Training Centre

    Lachy Mackay-Wiggins

    When Lachy isn't building trails you will find him training his butt off in the gym. He loves this shit and it shows in his training and coaching. Always up for a bit of banter and brings a crazy amount of  energy every session.

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"Trained here for about 4-5 months over the ski season last year. Dan is an absolute legend, super friendly and fun. The classes and community here are great, Dan's expertise and knowledge from his professional Muay Thai career is awesome. And the Crossfit classes are just as great. I'll always come back here whenever I'm in Jindy. If you're looking for a sick gym in Jindabyne, this is the absolute best place to go."